You shall not sleep

Gustavo Hernández

You shall not sleep

Gustavo Hernández


In an abandoned psychiatric hospital, a avant-garde theater group experiments with insomnia as they prepare for the staging of a play created twenty years earlier by a group of patients. With each passing sleepless day, they reach new thresholds of perception that expose them to hidden energies and stories within the place. When Bianca, a young theater prodigy, joins the cast in competition for the lead role, she must survive not only the intensity of the work and her fellow actors but also an unknown force that pushes her, and the others, toward the tragic outcome of the original performance.


Director: Gustavo Hernández
Screenwriter: Juma Fodde
Producers: Pablo Enrique Bossi, María Luisa Gutiérrez, Cristina Zumárraga, Juan Ignacio Cucucovich, Juan Pablo Buscarini, Pol Bossi, Agustín Bossi
Executive Producers: Pablo E. Bossi, Marta Esteban, Maria Luisa Gutiérrez, Cristina Zumárraga, Agustin Bossi, Guido Rud
Director of Photography: Guillermo Bill Nieto
Production Manager: Félix Rodríguez
Music: Alfonso Aguilar
Editor: Pablo Zumárraga
Sound Design: Juan Ferro
Production Designer: Marcela Bazzano and Sonia Nolla
Costume Designers: Marcela Vilariño and María José Lebrero
Makeup Supervisor: Patricia Rodríguez
Hair Supervisor: Yuraima Morcillo


Alma: Belén Rueda
Cecilia: Natalia de Molina
Bianca: Eva de Dominici
Krasso: Germán Palacios
Sara: Eugenia Tobal
Fonzo: Juan Manuel Guilera.


Psychological thriller/horror.


Buenos Aires (Argentina), Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain).

Production companies

Tandem Films, White Films, A.I.E, Gloriamundi Producciones, Bowfinger International Pictures, Pampa Films, Mother Superior.

Release Date

June 15, 2018