Pedro Martín-Calero


Pedro Martín-Calero


Andrea has discovered she is adopted and that her biological mother just died. Camila is trying to find her voice as a film-maker in a male dominated world. Marie is out partying all the time in order to silence the intuition that something insidious is sleeping, walking and breathing by her side. These three women are unaware they are connected together, and that they are about to c


Director: Pedro Martín-Calero
Screenwriters: Pedro Martín-Calero and Isabel Peña
Producers: Eduardo Villanueva, Nacho Lavilla, Cristina Zumárraga, Fernanda del Nido, Juampa Miller, Jeròme Vidal, Pablo E. Bossi
Executive Producers: Fernanda del Nido and Cristina Zumárraga
Delegated Producer: Alma Gimena Blanco
Director of Photography: Constanza Sandoval
Production Manager: Belén Sánchez Peinado
Music: Olivier Arson
Editor: Victoria Lammers
Production Sound Mixer: Mar González and Paola Borca
Sound Design: Gabriel Gutiérrez
Art Director: Jose Tirado
Costume Designer: Carolina Galiana
Makeup Department Head: Saray Rodríguez


Andrea: Ester Expósito
Marie: Mathilde Ollivier
Camila: Malena Villa
Man in Black: José Luis Ferrer




Madrid (Spain), Buenos Aires (Argentina), La Plata (Argentina)

Production Companies

Caballo Films, Setembro Cine, Tandem Films, El llanto A.I.E, Tarea Fina, and Noodles Production

Release Date

Coming soon