The Lunnis and the great fairy tales adventure

Juan Pablo Buscarini

The Lunnis and the great fairy tales adventure

Juan Pablo Buscarini


Fantasy is in danger. The evil Crudo has discovered a way to destroy the Magic Book, the book that contains all the stories invented by humanity. Mar, a 9-year-old girl, is chosen to save it with the help of her friends, the Lunnis. To do so, they must enter the book itself and defeat Crudo in a race through the most popular tales. Classic characters like Pinocchio, Alice, the Wizard of Oz, and the Pied Piper of Hamelin will play a significant role in this competition. In the end, not only will Mar regain her excitement for fantasy, but Crudo will also discover the wonders of imagination.


Director: Juan Pablo Buscarini
Screenwriters: Gorka Magallón, Daniel García Rodríguez, Álvaro Ron
Producers: Pablo E. Bossi, Cristina Zumárraga, Enrique Cerezo, Agustín Bossi, Pol Bossi, and Juan Pablo Buscarini
Executive Producer: Cristina Zumárraga
Director of Photography: Rodrigo Pulpeiro
Production Manager: Leire Aurrekoetxea (Spain) and Martina Sottile (Argentina)
Music: Vanessa Garde
Songs: Guille Milkyway, Sergei Grosny, Carlos Giani, and Ludovico Vagnone
Editor: Pablo Zumárraga
3D Character Design: Víctor Monigote
Sound Mixer: Juan Borrel
Sound Design: Andrea Paralta
Art Director: Pilar Revuelta
Set Design: Nelson Luty
Costume Designer: Clara Bilbao


Mar: Carla Chiorazzo
Narciso Crudo: Bruno Oro
Los Lunnis: Ingrid Domingo, Lores Marco, David Llamas, Cris Camisón
Lucrecia: Lucrecia
Grandfather Mar: Ramón Barea


Infantil, aventuras, animación, imagen real y marionetas


Tandem Films, Enrique Cerezo PC, RTVE, Calendula Films A.I.E en coproducción con Pampa Films, Non Stop Digital, Mediabyte, In Post We Trust

Release date

January 18, 2019