Alexis Morante


Alexis Morante


The year 1985. Oliver, a young boy with an extremely colorful imagination, moves to the southernmost tip of Europe with his family, right when Halley’s Comet is due to pass.

These events will represent a before and after in Oliver’s emotional life, as he searches in the stars for answers to his problems at his new school, in his new neighborhood and at home. To top things off, his granddad, who’s nickname is “the nut job”, encourages him to interpret the comet’s message and take a step forwards into his new universe.


Director: Alexis Morante
Screenwriters: Alexis Morante, Raúl Santos, Miguel Ángel González
Based on the novel by Miguel Ángel González
With the collaboration of Ignacio del Moral
Producers: Jose Alba, Olmo Figueredo González-Quevedo, Cristina Zumárraga
Executive Producers: Odile Antonio-Baez, Sara Gómez
Director of Photography: Carlos García de Dios, Michael Mueller
Production Manager: Carmen Martínez
Music: Julio de la Rosa
Main Theme: Enrique Bunbury
Editor: José M. G. Moyano
Sound Mixer: Diana Sagrista
Sound Editing and Pre-mixing: Vicente Villaescusa
Sound Mixing: Valeria Arcieri
Art Director: Mónica Ausín Seoane
Costume Designer: Lourdes Fuentes
Makeup Supervisor: Yolanda Piña
Hair Supervisor: Félix Terrero


Gabriel: Pedro Casablanc
Carmela: María León
Miguel: Salva Reina
Óliver: Rubén Fulgencio


Fantasy – Adventure 


Sevilla y Cádiz

Production Companies

Tandem Films, Pecado Films, La Claqueta PC, Sinehan Capital A.I.E, 700g Films y Andarams Films

Release Date

May 7, 2022