Jorge Dorado


Jorge Dorado


MARIO works in a large warehouse of a Lost & Found office, where he keeps all kinds of belongings accumulated over decades. Mario, who has long since decided to distance himself from people, spends his free time investigating the provenance of the OBJECTS in order to return lost pieces of their lives to their owners. Only HELENA, a young policewoman who visits the warehouse frequently, has been able to break through his armor.

One day a suitcase rescued from the bottom of the river arrives at the warehouse. Inside, he finds baby clothes along with some human remains. Mario decides to investigate on his own and following the trail of the suitcase he arrives to SARA, a young girl trapped since she was a child in a human trafficking organization. A network that treats people as if they were OBJECTS.


Director: Jorge Dorado
Screenwriter: Natxo López
Producers: Cristina Zumárraga, Pablo E. Bossi, Fernanda del Nido, Agustín Bossi, Pol Bossi, Johannes Reixin.
Executive Producer: Cristina Zumárraga
Director of Photography: David Acereto
Production Manager : María José Diez
BSO: Eric Kuschevatzky
Editors: Pablo Zumárraga and Carlos Egea
Production Sound Mixer: Sofia Straface
Sound Design: Juan Ferro
Art Director: Curru Garabal
Costume Designer: Clara Bilbao
Makeup Department Head: Patricia Rodríguez


Mario: Álvaro Morte
Sara: China Suárez
Helena: Verónica Echegui
Ochoa: Daniel Araoz
Tom: Andy Gorostiaga
Ana: Maitane San Nicolás
Dolores: Pepa Gracia
Alberto: David Luque


Thriller noir


Madrid (Spain), Buenos Aires (Argentina), and Jujuy (Argentina)

Production Companies

Tandem Films, Tormenta Films, Setembro Cine, La Maleta Perdida A.I.E, Pampa Films, In Post We Trust, Rexin Film

Release Date

September 30, 2022