Víctor Erice


Víctor Erice


A famous Spanish actor, Julio Arenas, disappears while shooting a film. Although his body is never found, the police conclude that he’s been the victim of an accident by the sea. Many years later, the mystery surrounding his disappearance is brought back into the spotlight by a TV programme outlining his life, and death, and showing exclusive images of the last scenes he filmed, shot by his dear friend, the director Miguel Garay.


Director: Víctor Erice
Story: Víctor Erice
Scriptwriters: Víctor Erice and Michel Gaztambide
Executive Producer: Cristina Zumárraga
Producers: Cristina Zumárraga, Pablo E. Bossi, Víctor Erice, Jose Alba, Odile Antonio-Baez, Agustín Bossi, Pol Bossi, Maximiliano Lasansky.
Director of Photography: Valentín Álvarez AEC
Editor: Ascen Marchena AMAE
BSO: Federico Jusid
Sound Director: Iván Marín
Sound Design: Juan Ferro
Sound Mixer: Candela Palencia
Production Manager: María José Diez
Art Director: Curru Garabal
Costume Designer: Helena Sanchis
Make-up & Hairdressing Director: Beatushka Wojtowicz


Miguel Garay: Manolo Solo
Julio Arenas / Gardel: José Coronado
Ana Arenas: Ana Torrent
Sor Consuelo: Petra Martínez
Belén Granados: María León
Max Roca: Mario Pardo
Marta Soriano: Helena Miquel
Tico Mayoral: Antonio Dechent

With the special collaboration of:
José María Pou as Ferrán Soler (Mr. Levy)
Soledad Villamil as Lola San Román
Juan Margallo as Doctor Benavides
Introducing Venecia Franco as Qiao Shu




Granada, Almería, Madrid, Alcalá de Henares, Segovia, and Asturias

Production Companies

Tandem Films, Nautilus Films, Pecado Films, and La mirada del Adiós A.I.E, in co-production with Pampa Films.

Release Date

September 29, 2023.