A Remarkable Tale

Marina Seresesky

A Remarkable Tale

Marina Seresesky


Teresa witnesses the decline of Fuentejuela de Arriba, the small mountain village where she has lived her whole life. But the town receives an unexpected visit: in the midst of the snow, a group of displaced Africans appears… and their arrival shakes the village. Teresa is certain: fleeing from an exploitative situation they were deceived into, the Africans want to stay in Spain by any means necessary… and that could be the solution to the problem of the village’s dwindling population. With the help of her friends Jaime and “El Guiri,” she decides to hide them and devise a plan. Challenging prejudices and expectations, the newcomers and the local inhabitants will work together to ensure their home continues to exist.


Director and Screenwriter: Marina Seresesky
Producers: Cristina Zumárraga, Pablo E. Bossi
Executive Producer: Cristina Zumárraga
Director of Photography: Sergi Gallardo
Production Manager: María José Díez
Music: Fernando Velázquez
Editor: Marta Velasco
Sound Recordist: Charly Schmukler
Sound Designer: Juan Ferro
Art Directors: Sara Natividad, Yolanda Moreno
Costume Designer: Marta Wazinger
Makeup Department Head: Patricia López
Hair Department Head: Paco Rodríguez H.


Teresa: Carmen Machi
Jaime: Pepón Nieto
Encarnita: Kiti Mánver
Guiri: Jon Kortajarena
Calulu: Jimmy Castro
Shukra: Ricardo Nkosi Kiala
Latisha: Montse Pla
Azquil: Malcolm T. Sitté
Rosa: Pepa Charro
Pilar: Esperanza Elipe
Marga: Mariana Cordero

With special collaboration by: Pablo Carbonell and Sonia Almarcha




Madrid, Navarra.

Production Companies

Tandem Films, Solomon Solon A.I.E.

Release Date

July 12, 2019