¡We are very happy to share news with all of you! Variety has announced the participation of ‘Lost & Found’ in the next European Film Market 2022, with Filmax. The distribution company will launch the long-awaited feature film on the international market, starting with this first stop.

Filming, which ended last november, has taken place in different locations in Madrid and the argentine province of Jujuy, developing numerous action scenes. The film is currently in post-production and international distribution.


‘Lost & Found’ is a shocking thriller, influenced by Film Noir, that introduces the viewer to the sordid world of human trafficking and exposes a harsh reality in which human beings are sometimes treated as mere objects.

The film follows Mario (Álvaro Morte), who works at a large lost and found office, where he looks after all the missing items that have built up over the decades. Mario, who a long time a go decided to live a solitary life, spends his free time investigating the origin of the lost objects, with the aim of returning to people these lost pieces of their lives. Only Helena (Verónica Echegui), a young police officer, who often visits the lost and found office, has been able to crack Mario’s hard, outer shell a little.

One day, a suitcase found at the bottom of a river turns up at the office. Inside, he finds baby clothes, alongside some human remains. Mario decides to investigate the case and follows the trail of the suitcase, until he ends up meeting Sara (China Suárez) , a young woman who has been caught up in a human trafficking network.


The film directed by Jorge Dorado (El Ministerio del Tiempo, The Head, Mindscape), is written by Natxo López (Perdida, Acantilado) stars Álvaro Morte, China Suarez and Verónica Echegui. At the head of the technical team are Curru Garrabal, Clara Bilbao, Pablo Zumárraga, Juan Ferro, María José Díez and David Acereto, among many others.

‘Lost & Found’  is a Tandem Films production with the co-production of spain’s Setembro Cine , La Maleta Perdida A.I.E, argentina’s Pampa Films and In Post We Trust, and germany’s Rexin Film, with the participation of Spanish pubcaster RTVE, Amazon Studios and Germany’s ZDF.

It has been financed by Spain’s ICAA film institute, Madrid’s Regional Government, ICO, Crea SGR and Argentina’s INCAA.