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This Monday has began in the Navarran town of Ustárroz the shooting of ‘Lo nunca visto’, a choral comedy directed by Marina Seresesky that has in its cast actors such as Carmen Machi, Pepón Nieto, Jon Kortajarena, Kiti Manver or Paco Tous among many others.

This Monday has started the shooting of our second film Lunnis de Leyenda directed by Juan Pablo Buscarini. A team with more than 80 people will bring to life to this film which will be shot in Madrid, El Escorial, Guadalajara and other parts of Castilla La Mancha. This project is developed in coproduction with RTVE, Enrique Cerezo Producciones Cinematográficas and Pampa Films.

Lunnis de Leyenda is starred by Mar, a nine-year-old girl, the Lunnis and multiple classic stories characters which offer us a fantasy world with lots of adventures and full of values.

The first feature film by Tandem Films has been presented at the 21st edition of the Malaga Film Festival, where the main cinema specialized press of our country has received the film with good reviews.

We leave you here a couple of reviews about You Shall Not Sleep. In theaters June 15.



Presentación "No dormirás" en el Festival de Málaga

Success precedes it. Released last February in Argentina where it has become a phenomenon, the new film by Gustavo Hernández has been sold in a multitude of countries. Next June 15th, You Shall Not Sleep will finally arrive to the Spanish screens thanks to Filmax, but before the assistants to the Malaga Film Festival will be able to enjoy it in scoop, being the only horror film in this Festival Edition.

No dormirás en el Festival de Málaga

Cristina, Adriana and Diego attend the first edition of Rodando Páginas, an event organized by the Community of Madrid, the Federation of Publishers Guilds of Spain and AMA. There they could learn from the hand of the authors themselves and their agents some of the books proposed to be adapted not only to the big screen but also to the video game format, television series, etc.

Marina Seresesky was part of the jury in this first edition and Tandem was able to talk with her about the event and the books presented.